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in nickel, chrome or gold?
New England Chrome Plating is the best!
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←CLICK on the logo at the LEFT to visit the New England Chrome Plating website. We use New England Chrome Plating of East Hartford, CT for all of our nickel, chrome and gold plating needs. They are true craftsmen - we would settle for nothing less.

The folks at New England Chrome are friendly and helpful. They know telephones and telephone parts. If your old telephone needs a new nickel, chrome or gold finish, then N.E. Chrome Plating is THE place to have your phone parts plated.

Antique Telephone Collectors Association

An International Organization Associated with
the Museum of Independent Telephony
P.O. Box 1252
McPherson, KS 67460

For a fun, fascinating and educational trip into Telephoneland . . .


Visit the website for
The Telephone Museum
In Boston


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